Becuk | Why Inclusive football is so good
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Why Inclusive football is so good

Why Inclusive football is so good

Aylestone park inclusive football partners with BECUK

“We are an inclusive disability football team in Leicester. Looking to give everyone a chance to play”

A parents story; Like many parents of a child with learning disabilities, we encouraged our son to play football. (well any sport, he just happens to love football) So we looked on the internet found a  couple of teams, picked the one closest, signed up, purchased the kit and away we went. All was fine or so we thought, it soon became apparent that the other  players didn’t include him, they didn’t want him there. After 4 weeks, the coach pulled us to the side and asked that we didn’t bring him anymore.
Most mainstream teams do not accommodate players who have a learning disability, this is why we need more clubs like Aylestone Park Inclusive football, (AP). During the first week at AP our son made the team, and at the weekend of his first week, played in a tournament at  St Georges Park, against other inclusive teams. Our son now belongs to a team, has for the first time friends his own age and looks forward to training, with his  friends.

Andy Lennon (far left) head coach, at the king power stadium with 1 of his adult teams

Andy Lennon, APs head coach has big plans for his club and is organising a national tournament, which he will be run in  Leicester during the summer. The club has 1 junior , 2 teen, 3 adult and a women’s team, he told us that this will double over the next year. Such is the demand, for Andy’s brand of inclusive football.

We at BECUK are proud to work in association with Aylestone Park Inclusive football club.

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