Naren Naik – our founder – wins Indian Man of the Year Award

Naren Naik, founder and trustee for the local Leicester charity, BEC, was awarded Indian Man of the Year at the glittering British India Awards ceremony on Wednesday 11th July 2018 held at the St Johns Hotel, Solihull.

This annual national award ceremony was attended by many of the most influential leaders in the British Indian community and provides validation for what Naren has achieved in his quest to help those less able.  The fact he won among such stiff competition demonstrates the appreciation and admiration of not only the judges but all his supporters.

Naren himself the parent of an autistic child who at the age of 32 is still unable to find a job, which is his ultimate dream. Naren shares his son’s dream and is frustrated that he has been unable to help.  He claims it is simply unacceptable that 95% of such people are unable to find meaningful employment and his mission is to make a serious dent in this number.

It is estimated as many as 15,000 people across Leicestershire may be living with autistic spectrum conditions which has affected many famous people including Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein & Vladimir Putin.

It is a case of identifying the hidden gem in these exceptional individuals and maximising their talents.  The Israeli army has Unit 9900 solely staffed by those in the autistic spectrum whose attention to minute detail allows them to study aerial reconnaissance photographs with greater accuracy.

BEC, the British Enhancement Centre, was founded with the mission to work with partners in industry, health, local authorities, education and charities to find, develop and maximise the hidden gem.  These will be One Stop Centres with capacity for a thousand people, their families, other agencies and charities.

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