About Us

About the BEC

The British Enhancement Centre will improve the lives of those less able, their families, carers and the communities they live in by endeavouring to find a gainful employment for those with unique talents.

Babs Marson

Rashmikant Joshi

Jonathan Kerry

Naren Naik

Chris Richards

Our Intention

Nationwide cooperation and collaboration to create network of Enhancement Centres, providing jobs opportunities, valuing people and empowering those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions to reach their own unique potential.
Promotion of awareness and the facilities available.


Naren Naik, The Managing Director of Bankfield Financial Advisors, our founder is the inspiration for this project. Naren is a parent of an autistic child who at the age of 33 is still unable to find a job which is his ultimate dream. Naren shares his son’s dream and is frustrated that he has been unable to help. His experiences, those of other parents and people living with a learning disability have driven him to build a solution “The British Enhancement Centre”