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Creating Jobs

Enhancing Lives

Empowering People


About Us

The British Enhancement Centre adheres to improve the lives of those less able their families carers and the communities they live in.

To create a national network of Enhancement Centres, providing jobs for those less able to create opportunities valuing people and empowering them to reach their own unique potential. Working with partners in industry, health, local authorities, education and charities we will build the Enhancement Centres, they will become hubs for those less able. These will be One Stop Centres with capacity for a thousand people, their families, other agencies and charities.

These centres will incorporate offices, multi use workshops, and places for health and social care consultations. We also aim to build and convert suitable housing so people can live together in safety. Each centre will also provide opportunities for people to meet socially, make friends and perhaps even a life partner, we will create jobs, promote independence and remove isolation.

Naren Naik, The Managing Director of Bankfield Financial Advisors, our founder is the inspiration for this project. Naren is a parent of an autistic child who at the age of 32 is still unable to find a job which is his ultimate dream. Naren shares his son’s dream and is frustrated that he has been unable to help. His experiences, those of other parents and people living with a learning disability have driven him to build a solution “The British Enhancement Centre” My aim is to make this a success. Ian Clowes CEO

Our Aims

Create Jobs

This is perhaps the single most important thing we can do for people less able. 

Jobs create wealth remove isolation, improve self worth, promote independence. We define a job as paid employment and voluntary work.

A place for everyone

Each center will be a resource for the local community providing a shared space. In particular it will be a place where those less able can access information advice and guidance. Health care, jobs, a place to socialise and make new friends. A centre for for respite and relaxation. A centre to enhance lives.

Re Purposing

Where ever possible and practical it is our intention to re purpose redundant High street properties to build our locations, in this way we will breath some life back into many of our communities.

Improving communities

Imagine a time where those less able are improving the environment for everyone. One example of this will be our community gardening scheme where we will tend the gardens of the elderly and sick. Each centre will provide shared community space for everyone, creating work and jobs as well as providing a service improving communities and reducing isolation for the elderley and sick people. This service will be expanded to produce revenue and wages for those less able.


 We are here for life, we cant go away as the need for our centres will only increase as our population increases. So it is vital that we continue to review and enhance our methods procedures and offerings. Each center will embrace change and develop to meet the needs of its local community and its members. This will ensure that they are current, fleet of foot in short a modern responsive charity focused on community outcomes.


The need to improve housing for those less able is also increasing with around half a million living with parents, many of which are over 70. It is our hope that we can work with partners to improve the housing options for people creating safe places where they can live happy and fulfilled lives.

Networking and partnerships

The trustees and CEO have vast and practical experience of building networks and partnerships we are using these skills to develop person centred services, and support relevant to each location. In this way we will hope to reduce duplication and improve the efficiency of our organisation.

Join Us

The British Enhancement Centre BECUK is now actively seeking business partners.

Discount card scheme

Our members are issued with an affiliation card that entitles them to preferential terms with our business partners. This is managed by you the terms the offers and the discounts are all set by you, it can be variable and for products and or services. By agreeing to join our Corporate affiliation scheme, it is understood that you will display the BEC logo (which we will supply for all of your outlets)  We will feature our partners in our monthly news letter which will help to promote your business.

There are 1.4 million under 19s in the UK with mild to moderate learning disabilities and 1.3 million Adults, over the coming months we hope to sign up many of these as members.

This is a fantastic opportunity to enter into a partnership that is a mutually beneficial arrangement for everyone : for the charity, we get additional funding, support and increased visibility.

For you the business affiliate you get brand building, good PR, Increased footfall from BEC members, Improved Customer loyalty, Increased turnover with no increase to costs and the chance to “make a difference.” For our members they feel assured that you will have an understanding of their needs and they will benefit from preferential terms.

As an affiliate you will also benefit from tax breaks and have an opportunity to engage your own workforce in an issue that is close to their heart, “everyone knows a person less able” and would like to see them become independent and have a fulfilling life.

You may have a position or positions for a people less able, or be interested in offering services or funds, talk to us about how we can help.

If you’re interested in finding out more information please fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Contact Us

Our Address

Rutland Centre
56 Halford Street
Leicester LE11TQ

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  08:30AM – 16:30PM